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AFELT: Our Reason for Being

The Association for Faculty Enrichment in Learning and Teaching (AFELT) is a professional association for academic staff and other major players in higher education.

AFELT seeks to enhance scholarship of learning, teaching, and life-long learning for academic staff through collaboration with similar or complementary individuals and organizations. The Association does this by bringing together professionals in higher education and offers opportunity for the exploration of development initiatives that will promote the quality of learning in higher education in the region. For this purpose, we work with institutions closely linked with higher education, particularly those addressing quality. 

AFELT offers opportunities for professionals in higher education to network, research, and share best practice by providing a forum for capacity building.  


To be a transformational body for quality learning and teaching in higher education in East Africa.  

It therefore seeks to facilitate the professional development of academic staff in Higher Education through collaboration, training and scholarship of learning and teaching. 


Types of Membership:  Individual  |  Corporate  |  Associate

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Professors/lecturers, researchers & consultants in higher education. Registration Fee is KES5,000 and annual fee of KES2,000.



Universities, research organizations, other organizations working in higher education field. Registration fee: KES10,000 and annual fee KES5,000 (two staff represent the organization)



Students at Masters and PhD Level and not employed by universities or TVETs. Registration fee: KES2,000, Annual fee:KES1,000